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Monday - Friday: 10 am - 6 pm

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1108 S. Ih-35, Round Rock, TX 78681

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The Across the Stitch journey began as a cross-stitching hobby during my time in the US Army and has organically evolved into a thriving business. Post-retirement in 2017, I ventured into the realm of selling cross-stitch art through an Etsy shop, navigating the challenges of crafting each piece by hand, a process notorious for its time-intensive nature.

Recognizing the need for efficiency, my husband's suggestion to invest in an embroidery machine marked a turning point. Embracing this technological upgrade, I delved into pop-up markets, expanding from traditional cross-stitch to crafting custom embroidered merchandise. This shift attracted attention from local businesses seeking branded apparel and community members desiring personalized, embroidered gifts.

Further adapting to market demands, a notable request from businesses led to the incorporation of printed t-shirts into the business portfolio. As the customer base continued to grow, the decision to transition from online and working from home to a brick-and-mortar store materialized in 2023.

The establishment of a physical store symbolizes not just a commercial expansion but a commitment to community engagement. Beyond providing quality products, the move signifies a desire to create a tangible presence, fostering local connections and offering patrons a welcoming space. The evolution from a personal hobby to a multifaceted business underscores the adaptability and responsiveness that characterizes Across the Stitch's entrepreneurial journey.